Crating & Shipping


The VortX RT Miata Kit Web advertised price does not include crating and shipping.
It DOES include all other importation expenses including processing, handling, port security fees, doc fees, loading charges, terminal handling, broker free, messenger, paid duty and taxes, tariffs, customs entry, processing, ISF filing, currency conversion and any other required import expenses are included in the web price, the only exception would be any unforeseen customs exams or inspection fees that may be incurred. Please contact Fastcraft motorsport if you have any questions.
Fastcraft motorsport does all the work for you. Once you decide to buy a quality MNR kit we can have it delivered to your door!

Estimates for Shipping and Crating
International shipping compliant crate and packing charge for the VortX RT kit   ------------------------------------------------------------$ 675.00

Overseas freight charge to port of Baltimore --- $750.00
Exact crating and shipping price will be determined at time of sale. The price can vary depending on final ship weight and current fuel cost at time of shipping quote. An alternate customs port of entry may provide most economical freight to customer geographic location. Fastcraft motorsport can provide kit delivery from port to your door if requested, this will be in addition to the estimated to port shipping estimate above. Fastcraft motorsport does due diligence to provide most economical freight.
I do want to make the point the Kit price does include all the expenses of importation. The only exception is if U.S. customs or homeland security randomly request shipping overseas container for exam. If so there will be an additional surcharge. Fastcraft motorsport will disclose at time of sale or upon request. If any questions, please call.