News and Events Race Schedule 12/2/2014 1:19:42 PM MNR VortX RT Race Shedule for 2016 NASA Super Touring.. The MNR VortX  RT may be coming to a race track in your area. 
 FASTCRAFT motorsport currently has a customer who is going to race the  VortX RT in the NASA Super Touring championship in 2016. The car will be competing in the NASA Mid West and  Great lakes region.  For many this will be a good opportunity for checking out the MNR VortX RT Super Touring kit  in person and get to see a VortX turn a wheel in anger.
The build of Racer # 333 is now finished and waiting spring for some on track sorting and testing before it's first race debut at Autobauhn.You can follow the progress on the FASTCRAFT motorsport facebook page here
The full  2016 race schedule can be reviewed at .

Current races on our 2016 Race Schedule

Due to a "testing incident" the VortX Super Touring Racer will NOT be able to compete in the July 9-10 Autobahn event in Joliet ,IL as planned

July 9-10 AUTOBAHN, Joliet, IL Will not be attending this event.
August 6-7, GINGERMAN, South Haven, MI, (Unlikey to attend this event), will update 
Wish we could make the July and early August events. Look forward to meeting you at Mid OH

Below events are definently on our remaining 2016 schedule

August 27-28, Mid-Ohio, Lexington, OH 
Sept 22-25, Watkins Glen, Watkins Glen, NY
Oct 22-23 National Corvette Museum, Bowling Green, KY

more info to follow, I will update the News when I am definite that the VortX RT race # 333 will be competing at the above noted events.

All New GM3 aero body 2/23/2014 6:28:38 PM FASTCRAFT Motorsport is excited to announces the arrival of an all new GM2 aero body option for the MNR VortX RT chassis.

     Meet the GM3

                looks  fast from any angle

With great pleasure and enthusiasm I introduce the all new aero GM2 body for the exceptional MNR VortX RT chassis.

And Good news! The GM2 body option is available NOW!

The GM2 offers exciting aerodynamic body option and new look for the VortX RT chassis and is designed for aerodynamic superiority on the track or road. 

This striking new design body is available as an additional cost option for the full range of VortX RT Plus and Miata based Chassis kits. . A street lighting package is available for road cars. 

You ask how much is the GM2 body going to cost me?

The new aero GM2 body will increase the price of the VortX RT kits by only 1500 GBP. 

Now you can see why I am so excited to introduce the GM2 aero. 

Sleek and looks fast from any angle. 

For More info and background about the GM2 click here.