VortX RT Miata Kit car contents

Kit Descriptions are for informational  purpose and are not exact packing list. Actual kit contains many small components
and hardware items too numerous to list.

  • Easily adjustable front and rear tracking.
  • Easily adjustable front and rear camber.

Complete jig-welded original style Space frame of all round tube sections with additional triangulation for increased torsion stiffness. 
Few space frames are all round tube.
Mounts available to accept a wide variety of engines /gearbox choices.
Comes powder coated in customer choice of over 70 colors at no extra charge.
Includes RAC approved Roll bar/cage(optional cobra hoops at no extra cost)
detachable side bars are an upgrade option as is a full race gage.
fitted and bonded front alloy powder coated floor pan and rear polished floor pans    
Integral transmission tunnel with safety hoops  
Hand laid MNR Full Ten Piece Bodywork Set Available in over 70 colors                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

  • one piece fiberglass side/rear panel for ease of assembly
  • 2 Rear arches(fenders) with strips of rear wing piping
  • 1 Scuttle panel
  • 1 Hood(bonnet)
  • 1 Nose cone
  • 2 Front arches ( fenders)
  • 1 Transmission tunnel
  • 1 C/F boot cover
  • 2 Inner C/F effect side panels
  • 1 inner C/F back panel
  • 2 foot well panels
  • 2 Alloy foot well panels    
  • 1 Alloy scuttle panel cover
  • 1 Alloy scuttle panel pedal cover   
  • 1 Headlamp bar   
  • 1 Pair of cycle wing brackets 
  • 4 90 degree cycle wing bracket arms
  • 4 cycle wing bracket sleeves  
  • Complete body kit mounting hardware including fasteners, piping, hardware, rivets, tube   adhesive & number plate screws    
Front Suspension:  
Push rod suspension with inboard mounted coil-over adjustable shocks. Polly bushed Unequal length upper and lower tubular wishbones.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
 Includes complete mounting hardware and high tensile bolts.  All suspension parts are power coated at no extra charge.    
  • 2 front top tubular wishbones  takes NMR ½ UNF Camber adjuster   
  • 8 poly bush assemblies  
  • 2 rear wishbone with uniball joint   
  • 2 ½ UNF rod ends and locknuts    
  • 2 Threaded camber adjusters long ½ UNF thread  
  • 2 Front lower tubular wishbones with lower uniball joint 
  • Uniballs for lower wishbones with retaining clips    
Rear Suspension:
Fully independent. Polly bushed Unequal length upper and lower tubular wishbones with mounted coil-over adjustable shocks. . 
Comes with complete mounting hardware. All suspension parts are power coated at no extra charge.   
  • 2 Rear lower wishbones
  • 8 Poly bush assemblies
  • 4 7/16 UNF R/H rod ends, lock nuts and side spacers    
  • 2 Rear top wishbones
  • 4 Poly bush assemblies  
  • 2  Threaded camber adjusters ½ UNF thread 
  • 2 ½ UNF R/H rod ends  
  • Complete rear upright adapter  hardware kit for Miata donor upright assemblies  
Shocks and Inboard suspension Parts:  comes complete with all mounting hardware. 
  • 2 Protech shockers on bearings 12 inches long. 
  • 2 Protech shockers on bearings 14 inches long. 
  • 2 Front coil springs
  • 2 rear coil springs   
  • 2 Alloy billet rockers  
  • 4 Cup bearings for rockers & 4 thrust bearing for rockers
  • 2 Pushrods 
  • 2 ½ UNF right hand rose joints and lock nuts
  • 2 ½ UNF left hand rose joints and lock nuts 
  • 4 cup bearings for rockers
  • 4 thrust bearings for rockers
  • 12 ½ UNF side spacers     
       Steering Parts: includes all mounting bolts and fastening hardware.    
  • 1 Quick ratio new steering rack.
  • 1  Steering column to rack link.  
  • 1 Steering column bush set.
  • 2 Billet alloy rack clamps 
  • 2 Billet alloy steering rack extensions
  • 2 mazda Track rod ends    
     Brake Parts/Pedal Box Parts:
  • 1 Fully fabricated pedal box.
  • 1 Clutch pedal.
  • 1 Brake pedal
  • 1 Throttle pedal
  • 1 new clutch master cylinder
  • 1 brake fluid reservoir
  • 6 Pedal pivot bushes
  •  master cylinder to front T piece pipe
  • braided hose set
  • master cylinder to rear T piece pipe
  • 2 Front T piece to flexi pipe
  • 4 way T piece
  • 3 way T piece
  • 2 Rear T piece to flexi pipe
  • brake pressure switch
  • 50 P clips for brake line fixing
  • mounting hardware and fasteners.

Fuel System/Parts:
Designed to work with carburetors or FI systems.
  • 1 fuel tank with swirl pot.
  • Fuel lines, connectors, and filler neck
  • 2 Fuel tank straps
  • 1 new Bosch fuel pump
  • 1 fuel sender unit
  • fuel filler cap and hose
  • fuel tank strap insulation
  • 50  3/8 fuel line p-clips & mounting rivets

Complete Cooling System/Parts:
Electric cooling fan and mounting hardware, coolant pipes, and fasteners.
Electric cooling fan and mounting kit
polo radiator with cap.
Radiator mount kit and fasteners
Header Tank.
thermal switch
• header tank pressure cap
• steel piping
• radiator hoses and clamps

Engine Transmission Accessories & Side Exhaust:
The mX5 Miata featured kit is configured to accommodate either the 1.6L or 1.8L engines and includes mounts for this engine/gearbox combination
and includes exhaust components to suit. Note other engine combinations are available that will require exhaust options.
Please consult your Fastcraft motorsport agent for exhaust options and pricing.
Accelerator cable assembly:
Exhaust clamps tail pipe and mounts.
Silencer(muffler) custom bent exhaust pipes, and mounting and hardware.
2 metal fabricated and powdercoated engine mounts.
• 1 metal fabricated and powdercoated transmission to frame mount.
1 new transmission mount isolation rubber bushing.

Differential Mounting Bolts and hardware.

Miata kit requires the donor Miata drive shaft to be shortened locally.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            A a new A new driveshaft with serviceable U joints is an option available from Fastcraft motorsport

Gauges, Dash, & Electrical Assembly:

MNR provides all new front and rear lighting assemblies. Every thing else required is provided by the Mazda Miata donor!
The Miata has an attractive instrument pod that contains all the gages required and are conveniently mounted in the pod.
This instrument pod is transferred to the VortX just as used in the Miata.
The VortX also uses the donor cars switch gear, fuse box and complete wiring harness.
For builders not using a Miata donor an MNR custom supplied harness is available.
Also fully electronic digital dash assemblies are available with race track data recording.
These digital dash assemblies can be used with the Miata donor wiring harness. 
For additional information and options or questions please consult Fastcraft motorsport.

Carbon fiber or colored dash insert is a poplar option.
  Uses Miata donor wiring harness.
  Uses Miata donor Ignition switch and keys, headlight switch, 3-position turn signal switch,  starter solenoid and horns.
  Speedometer and cable is provided by donor miata          
  Tachometer in mounted in Miata instrument pod
  Oil Pressure Gauge mounted in Miata instrument pod
  Water Temperature Gauge mounted in Miata instrument pod
•  Fuel Level Gauge mounted in Miata instrument pod
  Voltmeter mounted in Miata instrument pod
  Oil Temperature Gauge

Interior Accessories:
The VortX Miata Complete kit comes with all the interior accessories you need. Authentic period seats, Standard parts and assemblies.
Authentic style roadster metal framed seats, your choice of colored vinyl . 
There are several seat options available including all fiberglass race seats. An attractive 
Odyssey seat upgrade can be ordered with colored inserts or piping to match your color 
scheme. No two VortX are the same. Consult Fastcraft motorsport for your choices. 
  4-point Seat harness for driver and passenger suitable for most track events. 5 or 6 point  
    with Hans option harness available, frame mounted with fasteners
Emergency brake assemble complete.
Authentic central pedestal
interior rear view mirror with fasteners
The VortX Miata kit uses the donor steering wheel. Optional wheel options are available.
 Drivers side adjustable seat slider is included.

 Exterior Accessories and Lighting:                                                                                               

aero style locking gas cap.                                                                           
Original style headlamp assemblies(black), including buckets, halogen headlamps, trim rings, and fasteners. Bright chrome is an option.
pair of front turn  signals, and red rear tail-lights
2  Racetech side view mirrors
4 Competition hood catches
MNR nose badging

Hundreds of  top quality zinc plated, chrome and stainless steel USS and SAE fasteners, are provided to complete assembly

 VortX  Complete Kit Assembly Manual:
Bound 140+ page in color assembly manual.  
 Also for owners and builders there an exclusive on online factory builders
support. Fastcraft build log is also on this site