VortX RT Kits


NEW     sport racer style body is NOW an available body option for the VortX RT Miata and the VortX RT plus.

MNR Racing manufactures the VortX RT model range of Lotus Seven Inspired Kit cars. The VortX RT is a modern updated and Cad designed version of the of venerable Lotus 7 that keeps true to the original’s less is more school of car design to achieve exceptional performance, but still maintains the classic and desirable Lotus Super 7 style and most important it’s fun to drive character. All VortX RT models feature a premium all round tube chassis and oval suspension control arms, ProTech shocks with race track proven IRS and pushrod inboard front suspension system. The CNC machined from billet aluminum front suspension rocker arms are an example of the quality included in all VortX RT models. MNR’s success on the race track and their commitment to excellent design and class leading performance is why the VortX RT is your best car kit choice for road or track days. The VortX RT continues the racer for the road tradition. The VortX RT models level of quality and affordable performance is an exceptional value.
The VortX RT chassis is excellant for road racing, solo, hill climbing or making any drive an experience.
The best bang for your performance $dollar!


The VortX range can accept a variety of donor engines from Mazda Miata 1.6L or 1.8L Toyota 4AGE, Ford Zetec, Ford Duratec, Buick/Rover V8,and newly added 4 cyl Ford Eco-boost and others. MNR specializes in bike powered cars using Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Suzuki engines.
The VortX range of cars are available with an extensive range of options and each VortX is custom fabricated to customer’s specification. Please consult with your Fastcraft Motorsport agent regarding available options, specifications and pricing.

The VortX RT Range of Kits. Choose either the VortX RT Miata and the VortX RT Plus, and RACE KITS

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VortX RT Miata 
This kit saves the builder money by using inexpensive and readily available Miata front spindles, hubs and brakes, rear hubs and brakes axles and differential. The engine and transmission also come from the same donor car.See our donor list for complete list of donor parts. This kit has pushrod front
inboard suspension and IRS and is an excellant choice for performance and value.

The VortX RT Miata front suspension features oval section double wishbone design with inboard aluminum ProTech adjustable shocks. The shock rate is controlled by a pushrod and rocker design. This race proven design allows more shock travel thus providing better control of wheel movement over bump. A new quick ratio steering rack is included as well as new tie outer tie rods. Front spindles, low friction bearing wheel hubs calipers and rotors are provided by the Miata donor. Quick camber adjusters are included. The rear suspension is IRS also of oval section double wishbone design with quick camber adjustment. Pro Tech rear shocks. MNR Rear Upright adapters are provided to use donor Miata rear uprights brakes and calipers. The Miata parts are light and of excellant design and easily replaceable for maintenance and available at your local auto parts store.The VortX RT Mazda Miata kit is an excellant choice as all donor parts come from a single 1990 to 1997 Mazda Miata parts donor. All other parts you need are supplied in this comprehensive  kit. No need to shop for hardware, lighting, interior or miscellaneous finish items as they are all included.
Your most performance for the dollar choice. Equally at home on track or road.

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 The VortX RT Plus is MNR's  premier and most poplular choice. The RT plus does not require a donor car. The Plus is a no comprise performance kit for road and track. 
 All VortX RT kit models share pushrod inboard suspension operated by pushrods and billet machined rockers and new quick steer racks. The RT PLUS  features the MNR designed and fabricated  race front end. Double front wishbones of  oval section with inner and outer heim joints allowing race engineer an almost infinite suspension adjustment. MNR fabricated alloy uprights, stub axles, billet hubs, calipers and drilled and grooved rotors are used in place of production car donor parts. The rear is IRS of oval tube double  wishbones with inner and outer heim joints allowing full adjustment. MNR provides the uprights, brakes and calipers and of course aluminum Pro Tech adjustable shocks on all 4 corners. New for 2016 is the availabilty of optional pushrod rocker rear suspension that is proven with wins in competion.

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The RT plus is especailly popular for customers who prefer bike engine power and ideal for club racing and road too. This kit is highly customizable. See our race kits page for more info.

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