GM3 Body Option

With great enthusiasm I introduce the all new GM2 sports racer style aero body for the exceptional MNR VortX RT chassis.

And Good news! The GM2 body option is available NOW!

The GM offers a bold new look for the VortX RT chassis and is designed for aerodynamic superiority on the track or road.

Checkout the GM3.

Sleek and looks fast from any angle. A bold look with a purpose. To Win! Now you can see why I am so enthusiastic about the GM2.

The design mission for the GM body is straight forward; to win the 750 motor club (UK) RGB championship for front engine cars.

For more veiws of the of the MNR VortX RT with GM sport racer Body click .

The GM3 continues the MNR Racing tradition of manufacturing quality race track proven products and making them available for purchase at an affordable prices. 

FASTCRAFT motorsport is very pleased to able to offer this body option for the VortX RT chassis. So the decision is yours to make, traditional or the new GM3 option? Either choice is a winner.

Please Inquire with Fastcraft motorsport for GM3 option pricing.

The GM3 aero body is the result of the collaboration of MNR Racing and Greenwood Motorsport. MNR racing is the builder of a specially prepared VortX RT chassis for Greenway Motorsport to contest the 2014 RGB championship. Greenway Motorsport designed and built the new aero body for the VortX RT chassis. The GM in the model designation stands for Greenway Motorsport.

For more information, scrapbook, and links please click on                      
for a better appreciation of the 100’s of hours of the art and skilled labor involved to create the GM3.

It is Fastcraft motorsports opinion that auto design is a form of art and the practice of this art form is certainly well illustrated by review of above link.

I would like to provide some insight and background of the development of the new aero GM3 sports body that is now an available body option for the VortX RT kit range.

 Austen Greenway of Greenway Motorsport (the GM in GM3) was campaigning his Fury based GM1 in a very close battle for the 750 motor clubs 2013 season championship in the RGB front engine class. Austen won the championship by the narrowest of margins. Congratulations to Austen. During the course of the season Austen made the decision to replace his current GM1 and build a new car for 2014. At the season ending event the VortX RT of Steve Maylon posted the second fastest lap finishing behind Austen’s GM1. I mention this only to show that the traditional bodied VortX RT does compete well in class against full bodied more streamlined cars. The VortX RT impressed with its excellent balance and handling.  So Austen and Marc after some post-race celebration struck a deal. Marc Nordon Racing is to manufacture a VortX RT chassis to spec and Greenway Motorsport is to design and fabricate an all new prototype and aerodynamic body to contest the 2014 championship. So you can say the GM3 concept was conceived trackside to win races. It is the nature of racing to try to gain an advantage and Austen wanted any possible edge a streamlined body could add to the handling prowess of the MNR VortX RT chassis. Producing body production molds is an art and a very labor intensive process. Now the evolution of the GM3 begins as the project progresses from a clean sheet design, foam carving, fabrication, making the production molds and finally the first successful body is pulled from the molds. During the design process Austen applied all the aero knowledge he acquired racing the GM1 and has an excellent understanding of what works to produce the least drag and maximum down force within the regulations of the RGB class. Austen could have met the aero requirements with a much less stylish and easier to build slab sided car but he wanted a car that also would look good on the grid, it had to have style and some curves in the right places. As the pictures can attest he just nailed it. The GM3 exceeds expectations as it just looks right having that perfect balance and just calls out and ask to be driven at the limit. Hats off to Austen for creating the GM3 and making this striking body available to all VortX RT customers who want this option.  Well done!

 Thank you to Greenway motorsport for 100’s of plus hours developing the alternative sports racer aero GM3 body for the VortX RT.

 And now the  GM3 body is available now for you to purchase.

Please check in to FASTCRAFT news page for race results as we follow Austen and other MNR VortX RT racers as they contest the 2014 championship. Good luck to Austin to repeat his championship in 2014.

With the VortX RT Miata comprehensive kit a completed car price of under 15 grand, 1320 lbs. completed vehicle weight is possible and  offers world class performance and now available in two body styles!

Of course if you have any question please give us a call. 

FASTCRAFT motorsport is you your affordable performance reality check.