Miata Donor parts list

All donor parts to be from 1990 to 1993, 1994 to 1997 First Gen Miata 
 Rear Drive Train
Differential can be either open or Torsen LSD: casing and rubber mounts.
Drive shaft axles
Rear uprights and Hubs
Rear Brake Parts
Rear Calipers and rotors
Front end parts
Front uprights
Front hubs
Brake Parts Front
Front disks and calipers
Miata master cylinder 
master cylinder proportioning valve with mounting bracket
Any transmission will fit, FYI: units from 1.8L car preferred
Clutch, pressure plate and T. O. bearing

Clutch slave cylinder
Fuel System
Air box and air flow meter and both pieces of pipe clips and air box mounting rubber
ECU and engine wiring harness (every thing needed to make car run)
Main wiring harness including fuse block
Instrument binnacle with all instruments
Upper steering column

include top and bottom plastic covers
Steering wheel
Indicator stalks, ignition, barrel and key
Engines to include all required accessories of starter, alternator
1990 to 1993 1.6L engine
1994 to 1997 1.8L engine
4 factory wheels