Fastcraft motorsport and MNR Racing would like to introduce the winning ways of the MNR VortX to NASA Super Touring Racing and other USA eligible motorsport competition. 

The MNR VortX has race winning performance proven by their outstanding record of (10) 1st, (12) 2nd (8) 3rd and 11 fastest laps during the last two race seasons of competition in the UK 750 motorclub’s highly competitive Class F RGB series. 

Now Fastcraft motorport would like to introduce this proven winner to USA Club racing. The MNR VortX Race kit we offer is comprehensive and of a high level of specification to allow you to build a complete rolling chassis that will allow you to compete for the win. Race kits are configured for compliance with NASA competition rules and Safety requirements.  MNR VortX race kits are simple to service and affordable to purchase and maintain over a racing season. It is our goal that the MNR VortX race kits are recognized as an exceptional value for their competitiveness and performance they bring to the grid.  Our rolling chassis race kits include what you need to win “right out of the box” or crate literally. 

Race kits are offered for both bike engine and auto power. Options include new 5 piece GM2 body work, race seats, road light packages, new pushrod rear suspension. We can accomodate custom request. Please contact Fastcraft so we can spec out and price a race kit for you.

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Super touring race car # 333 is a Suzuki Haybusa powered VortX  racer Se7en style body.
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