VortX RT Miata Kit Car

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      With donor cars available for around $1000.00 
      You could be on the track or road for under $15,000.00!!!          
     Now that is affordable performance !        
  • One of the largest cabin areas for this style of car ( able to accommodate a 6ft 6 driver with ease )
  • 4 wheel independent suspension.
  • Inboard pushrod actuated front suspension with inboard mounted damper units
  • Extensively triangulated and braced chassis constructed entirely from round section 16 & 18 guage tubing.
  • Easily adjustable front and rear tracking.
  • Easily adjustable front and rear camber.
  • Race track proven handling.
  • Pre Fitted floor pans
  • One piece main body section for a cleaner easier fit
  • Versatile Racer for the road use and heritage 
  • RAC approved rollcage (suitable for sprints, Hillclimbs,Circuit Racing)  
The concept behind this featured kit for the USA market is to provide you with one of the most comprehensive kits available. Just add one suitable 1990 to 1997 Miata car donor and your labor and you can be on the track sooner and for less money than most think is possible in a car built to MNR’s high quality and performance standards. See donor list for parts required from donor Miata.
First generation Miatas are now available from sources like Co-part for around $1000.00(Fastcraft paid $920.00 for its donor Miata).

Almost everything you need to build your car arrives in one big crate.  If the illustrated build manual cars for adhesive for assembly, we even include the tube of adhesive! This comprehensive kit has it all. No time is wasted searching for parts or hardware.  It is MNR’s and Fastcraft motorsport’s goal for you to complete your build. By providing you a complete kit of properly fitting parts and builder support you are most likely going to succeed.

The assembly of your custom car should be an enjoyable process. When complete you will have a sense of accomplishment and pride that only the few who have constructed their own car can say they have experienced. You are in a select fraternity of enthusiast. Upon completion the adventure is just beginning. Open roads and track days are just ahead.

What is not included in kit pricing is the cost to have the donor Miata driveshaft shortened at your local driveshaft shop or Fastcraft motorsport can supply you with a new driveshaft with serviceable U Joints as an option.

It’s practical too, as almost all engine and maintenance parts are available at your local parts store or Mazda dealer

And now available with     sport racer body option
       Review kit description for more info and details