Favorite Links

This is the link to the factory. MNR Sportscars Ltd UK. Main Site
This link is to the Locost( Low cost Lotus seven style cars) builders site in the UK. I highly recommend this site for research and build advice about all LSIS cars.  This site has a car specific Forum dedicated to the  MNR VortX. This MNR Forum is open to anyone who wants to learn more about building driving and owning a VortX. Please sign up. There are over 15,000 post for you to review about the MNR VortX.
This is a factory direct link  exclusively for owners and builders of MNR Sportscars.
 The MNR forum for builders and owners and is a members only community for owners and builders and is provided to all purchasers. This is an excellant resource for technical and how to info that is factory support. Link is provided with purchase.

If you have any interest in RACING I highly recommend the below link to Go ahead and take the wheel
this is an excallant resourse to how to get started and get on track.


The below link is to home page to the National Auto Sport Association. This link will can get you  involved with a local
NASA Chapter and show you how to get involved.

   Link to NASA National web site

The below link is to the NASA region the I am a memeber being from Ohio which has recently combined to form the MidWest-Great Lake Region

NASA Great Lakes Site  Link to NASA Great Lakes MidWest Web Site

Below is the link to the 750 Motorclub in the UK. This is the UK's oldest Race club and the same  club that is host to the RGB( Road Going Bike Championship) that the MNR VortX competes and wins. FYI this club that many legandary designers including Colin Chapman started thier racing career.  Good place to get some info on the Championship and follow the results.

The below link to the 750 MC Web TV. The link will take you directly( I hope) to the 2015 RGB race at Croft England.
This was a good race outing for the MNR VortX GM team. The RGB action starts at 13:00 minutes into the video if you want to skip ahead. But it is well produced video for a race club.


FASTCRAFT motorsport  on facebook 

FASTCRAFTmotorsport   on YouTube

NASA National Facebook
  NASA National Facebook page

Nasa GL Facebook
  NASA Great Lakes Region Facebook page

MNR SPORTSCARS on facebook