Specification VortX Miata

       General description of FASTCRAFT demonstrator MNR VortX Miata build

Fastcraft motorsport is building the VortX RT Miata. The finished VortX RT Miata is to be used as a demonstrator to showcase the performance available from building the VortX RT using a single donor first generation Miata.

Fastcraft motorsport feels very passionate about affordable performance and motor sports and this is why we chose this build.

The premise of this affordability is by purchasing the MNR VortX RT comprehensive Miata kit available from FASTCRAFT motorsport and using a donor first generation Miata you can get a custom car on the road and have an excellent performing track day car for a budget of around $15,000.00.

For this build Fastcraft purchased a donor 1994 Miata for a winning bid of $920.00 on the Copart on line auction service.

For a more complete description of the MNR VortX RT Miata kit please visit our main site here.

The demonstrator car we will be building on these pages uses the featured kit with the following optional extra cost options. These upgrades are not required to build a quality  track day worthy VortX  RT Miata.

Full roll cage with side crash bars,

Fuel cell,

Rear diffuser

Front and rear sway bar upgrade

MNR supplied D shaped Suede cover steering

Engine.   The donor Mazda 1.8L BPZE I4 engine. 1994 model year. 109,289 miles on the clock The original plan was to get the car on the road using the engine as removed from the donor. Current plans are for fitting custom  Turbo system to be sized for 300 RW HP but will be limited to approx 200 RWHP in original fitment using stock internals. Custom down pipe, intercooler and running a megasquirt engine management system.  Of course this additional power will require a clutch upgrade.

I will be using the factory Miata steering column with switch gear and the factory Miata wiring harness stripped for weight saving.

Instrumentation is undecided at this point. The standard build uses the Miata instrument cluster, but I may install a data logging system for track days.

Wheels and tires undecided but love the look of 13” panasports but will probably go with 15” wheels due to more tire choice options inUSA.

Our goal                                                                                                                      Geniuine 1300 lb dry weight .

Under 6 pound per horsepower with stock Miata unmodified engine with installed turbo kit and near 5 lb per HP with same turbo kit but block will require forged internal piston and rod upgrade to be reliable.




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