Follow the progress as we build the MNR VortX RT Miata.

We start by recycling a salvage 1994 Miata and using the MNR VortX RT Miata comprehensive kit we assemble a quality high performance and affordable track day or racer for the road custom car.

I want this blog to be instructional and to provide good information to our builders, enthusiast and whomever may have an interest in building a car kit and is undecided if such an undertaking is for them.

To accomplish this goal I encourage you to make comments during progress of this build. Your input and experience is most appreciated and may help myself and others from making mistakes and improve the build through your collective knowledge and building tips.

Personally I consider building your own sports car an adventure which will  challenge me to educate, think, make decisions and compromises and ultimately enjoy the accomplishment of driving my VortX on the road or track.




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