MNR Racing high performance kit cars.Lotus 7 style VortX RT models for road and track days and new Super Touring Race Kits.
For kit car and road racing  enthusiast interested in track day or Lotus 7 style cars, sports racing cars, or kit cars for the road or track..

MNR Sports Cars manufactures the VortX RT, the Lotus Seven Inspired Sportscar range of clubman custom car kits and the mid-engine LMP( lemans prototype style) sport racer and the new GM2 Sport Racer body option for the VortX RT range.

If you are a performance  car enthusiast, have interest in cruise nights,Solo, autocross, HPDE, TT or club racing and car building the MNR VortX is the kit that can do it all. 

The MNR VortX RT is a no frills light weight maximum performance “drivers” car equally at home on the road or on  track winning races. Few cars can make this claim to offer such a range of ability.

Show your VortX at local car cruise gatherings and on the weekend participate in your favorite motorsport activity. The VortX is an extreme fun performance machine you can build yourself.          
                                     Dream it, build it and live it

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MNR Sports Cars UK has appointed FASTCRAFT motorsport the exclusive U.S.A. Importer for MNR Sports Cars and products.    The MNR VortX RT is one of the England’s most popular sports and track day cars and has earned an international reputation for winning races ,construction quality and performance

Please contact us for information or to discuss kits, I look forward to answering any questions you may have about kits and options. 
You can buy with confidence from Fastcraft motorsport.


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