MNR Racing manufactures the VortX RT model range of Lotus Seven Inspired Kit cars. The VortX RT is a modern updated and Cad designed version of the of venerable Lotus 7 that keeps true to the original’s less is more school of car design to achieve exceptional performance, but still maintains the classic and desirable Lotus Super 7 style and most important it’s fun to drive character. All VortX RT models feature a premium all round tube chassis and oval suspension control arms, ProTech shocks with race track proven IRS and pushrod inboard front suspension system. The CNC machined from billet aluminum front suspension rocker arms are an example of the quality included in all VortX RT models. MNR’s success on the race track and their commitment to excellent design and class leading performance is why the VortX RT is your best car kit choice for road or track days. The VortX RT continues the racer for the road tradition. The VortX RT models level of quality and affordable performance is an exceptional value.
The VortX RT chassis is excellant for road racing, solo, hill climbing or making any drive an experience.
The best bang for your performance $dollar!                                                   

The VortX range can accept a variety of donor engines from Mazda Miata 1.6L or 1.8L Toyota 4AGE, Ford Zetec, Ford Duratec, Buick/Rover V8,and newly added 4 cyl Ford Eco-boost and others. MNR specializes in bike powered cars using Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Suzuki engines.

The VortX range of cars are available with an extensive range of options and each VortX is custom fabricated to customer’s specification. Please consult with your Fastcraft Motorsport agent regarding available options, specifications and pricing.

Every Chassis consist of

    250 lineal feet of all round tubing
   130 individual tubes
   240 CNC cut tube notches
    75 brackets


“Full round tube, available with full race cage meeting FIA and NASA race organization requirements for competition.

MNR’s years of experience combined with the use of modern design techniques enables us to create a light, precise and rigid chassis made entirely from round tube. When we build a chassis every single tube is created from the cad model, enabling fast and easy tube alterations to suit different engine installs. Once the chassis is drawn it is then CNC precision cut using bespoke software that profiles the ends to give a perfect weld preparation joint ( not hand notched or created on an old school abrasive machine as both create knife edging of joints to be welded, weakening the joint). Aside from the weight advantage, the much neater and refined look of round tube over a much easier to manufacture box section frame, the joints / nodes attach in different planes giving a stronger final joint. In addition because of the curvature of the weld we have very small areas of section that need to be dressed to attach flat panels in comparison to a box section frame.

Once cut and bent the tubes then go onto a bespoke structurally rigid jig that has itself been made by a machine to ensure accuracy. The entire assembly, including suspension mounts, are all built on one table with individual fixtures to accurately index each element, the main reason for not using a series of sub jigs / a sub assembly process when making the chassis is to eliminate cumulative tolerance errors that occur with such a process. The other important factor is that the frame needs to be clamped and secured fully to avoid distortion when welding.

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