WOW! The F17 is the most spectacular styled and aerodynamic body to ever sit upon the MNR VortX Chassis. Arguable one of the most outstanding roadster bodies ever built for the 7 style chassis. The design brief for the F17 was brief but ambitious. To produce a new aerodynamic body to complement the existing outstanding and race and road proven VortX RT Chassis. Styling of the F17 is inspired by race winning Lemans specials. The new F17 is the collaboration of many skilled engineers and team players. The body was penned by former Ferrari F1 designer Enrique Scalabroni and along with Lee Baverstock of Garagisti Ltd, MNR Sportscars the design was precision engineered and brought to life with 3D prototyping. Thanks to all the team players and some mega engineering efforts an incredible 7,657,724 lines of code is written to produce the production molds and countless hours of craftsmanship.

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