GM3 Body Option

With great enthusiasm I introduce the all new GM3 sports racer style aero body for the exceptional MNR VortX RT chassis.
And Good news! The GM3 body option is available NOW!
The GM offers a bold new look for the VortX RT chassis and is designed for aerodynamic superiority on the track or road.

Sleek and looks fast from any angle. A bold look with a purpose. To Win! Now you can see why I am so enthusiastic about the GM3.

The design mission for the GM body is straight forward; to win the 750 motor club (UK) RGB championship for front engine cars.

For more veiws of the of the MNR VortX RT with GM sport racer Body click

The GM3 continues the MNR Racing tradition of manufacturing quality race track proven products and making them available for purchase at an affordable prices. 

FASTCRAFT motorsport is very pleased to able to offer this body option for the VortX RT chassis. So the decision is yours to make, traditional or the new GM3 option? Either choice is a winner.

Please Inquire with Fastcraft motorsport for GM3 option pricing.

Of course if you have any question please give us a call. 

FASTCRAFT motorsport is you your affordable performance reality check.

Thinking about owning your own kit car!!!

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