Why Build A VortX RT Kit Car?

Why choose to build a VortX RT Lotus 7 style kit? The reasons are many. I can tell you my story of why I decided on the VortX RT.

In years past I competed in SCCA club racing in the Formula Ford 1600 class and later in SCCA sports racer class. The sports racer I assembled from a kit and enjoyed building my own race car. As work and family and life’s priorities often have influence how you spend your time and disposable income I got away from club racing.

I recently decided to act on my desire to get involved once again with motor sport. The question is how do I want to be involved? Do I want to do SCCA or NASA Club racing again, maybe vintage racing or another avenue? My first consideration was SCCA Club racing. This is pure competition racing that requires a serious effort and commitment of time and financial resources. But at an older age and many years away from this type of full on competition I am finding myself a bit reluctant to jump into the deep end and would prefer to start at a less intense level, I can always go this route with the VortX RT if I choose later. Plus with this type of pure competition car you will only be able to drive your car at the race track.

 Maybe vintage racing is the way to go? This does seem a good fit. I have experience with racing and set up of these cars. Cost to obtain a car is within budget. I would feel more comfortable racing one. But there are disadvantages to consider. Do I want to push a classic and damage it? Many chassis & body parts would need to be custom made for crash repair, never an affordable option. Vintage engines and drive train parts may not be readily available and require higher maintenance and associated cost. You still can only use the car on race days.

Track Days. We have a winner! I believe a big appeal of this activity is the cars can be street legal and driven to and from the event and this makes it easier to rationalize the purchase investment. Track days are the perfect entry into the world of motor sport where you can gain experience, confidence and improve your driving skills. Track days are a good way to transition to competitive racing. It’s decided. My return to motorsport starts with Track Days.

But what am I going to use for a car? I observed a few track days. These events seem to attract two types of cars, the expensive and the Mazda Miata. The Expensive group consisting of late model Porsche, Viper, Nissan GTR, Z06 Corvettes where a window sticker of $80,000.00 and up is the norm. I can appreciate these cars with their active suspension and computer enhanced driver aids. Initial investment aside, you have to consider that most insurance companies will not cover crash damage at these events. In this group almost any mechanical repair cost are expensive. For example replacing overheated warped front brake rotors and pads for a GTR can set the owner back $4,500.00 dollars! Definently not affordable motorsport. Even if money was not a factor I do not find myself attracted to this group. To me they do not have the look and feel of a proper race car.

This leaves the Miata Group. It is within budget. There is a big support group and aftermarket parts support. Parts and repair cost are reasonable. The Miata is a world class handling and performing production sports car and it certainly checks all the blocks for use as a track day car and I highly recommend it. I like the looks and it does have appeal.

But for me it still is not quite have the look and feel of a proper purpose built race car. Then again maybe I just want something different.

Enter the MNR VortX Road and Track. Quite simply the VortX RT is designed for Track days and for competition club racing.  It certainly has the look and feel of a proper race car with it’s light weight and all round tube space frame chassis and race track optimized suspension. It is designed to use mass produced and thus affordable engines and drive train parts so your maintenance cost will be low. MNR chassis and body replacement parts are readily available at affordable prices. It espouses all of Chapman’s ideals for an affordable sports racing road car. It makes few if any compromises toward this goal yet is equally at home on the track or road.  The VortxRT is the ideal affordable track day tool. Its honest handling rewards and encourages the driver to push his limits and learn the art of performance driving. It is a racer for the road. Decision made MNR VortX RT it is.

The VortX is a driving experience the others can not offer at any price.

Thinking about owning your own kit car!!!

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