KEY POINTS of VortX RT Kit Car

  • Quality Components
  • Excellent Design
  • Race Track and road proven performance
  • Hundreds of kits delivered
  • Honest and Dependable Parts kit supplier
  • Affordable performance
  • Inexpensive to maintain and repair
  • Excellent builder support
  • Exclusive owners/builders forum
  • Each kit is custom built to customer specification.
  • Completeness of kits
  • Ease of assembly
  • High completion rate
  • Versatile Racer & Road Use
  • Heritage: every new owner continues clubman racer for road tradition.
  • Growing owners community and event list
  • The most bang for the performance buck
  • Looks and feels like a proper custom race car for track use
  • It’s a blast to drive. Unique driving experience, an adventure
  • You want one

Thinking about owning your own kit car!!!

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